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Glue Helps Remove Blackheads?

Hey guys! Remember when you were a kid and you used to stick glue on your hands, let it dry and then peel it off? Well those childhood memories are actually a really effective way to remove blackheads! Here’s how you can remove blackheads fast with glue! (and don’t worry, this seriously isn’t bad for you)

  1. Clean the area, your going to have to wash your face afterwards so you don’t need to wash the whole thing but wash your nose with your cleanser to remove all oils, dirt and makeup.
  2. Run a washcloth over hot water, you want nice hot water because you really want to open up your pores to take advantage of the full benefits of this treatment.
  3. Squeeze out all the water, the towel should be pretty warm, hold it over your nose for at least a 30 seconds to a minute, try singing your abc’s 2 times.
  4. now take a dot of the glue, and it doesn’t matter what kind of glue, just not stick glue. (or super glue!) and apply it over your nose, you want a thin layer, it should be clear, you don’t want to see white. 
  5. Wait till the glue is dry and peel it off slowly. Do not rip it off as quickly as possible as it will irritate the skin. This is almost like a genital (and cheaper) form of those nose strips you rip off.
  6. Finish by using your regular cleanser and moisturizer. Do not do this in the morning before applying makeup!

A Few Other Things

Do not exfoliate or put any kind of mask 2/3 days after doing this, this is not a harsh threatment, however, the glue is peeling off dead skin cells and using deep treatments like exfoliants and masks if double exfoliating. If it is absolutely nessesary you use one of these things, avoid the nose area. It’s also important to know it’s okay if the skin gets a little red while you peel off the glue.